My Story

The arts and fashion have always been a part of my life! My great grandparents had their own store named Florences and my mother runs a high end boutique in the Central Valley. Growing up I was passionately involved in ballet and did many performances in Bravo turned Central West Ballet company as a pre professional dancer. Performing was always magic for me and gave me much confidence and discipline. It was a big commitment for myself and my family. I decided in high school to begin my dream of acting in the Drama Department at Modesto High School. There I felt the ambition to move to Los Angeles and to study film and television acting. I ended up at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for their school program. While I was there I got a part time job to pay for school and my living at a trendy boutique on Robertson Blvd. There I met all the Hollywood stars and got a glimpse into the industry. After graduation I kept getting offered great opportunities in Luxury Brands. The lifestyle of acting I thought wasn’t for me so I accepted the industry in fashion! I worked for the last 12 years on Rodeo Drive for designer brands including Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors Collection, Gucci, Celine, and Barneys. Dressing women and men from around the world, celebrities, movie sets, and tv shows. Over the years personal creativity felt stagnant for me at times and I knew I needed a creative outlet. I needed a more visceral approach to the arts and got this strong desire to begin painting. What turned into a small hobby became my purpose. Over the last 10 years I have delved into painting. I love being alone for hours painting and discovering new ways of seeing things. It brings me great joy to share my creations with others. Art has really healed me as a person and I truly believe that having the arts in your life improves you and your quality of living. This is why I decided to collide my two worlds of art and fashion to create product designed from my artwork. My intention is to bring you specialty pieces that you will absolutely love and will bring you joy to wear. Clothing that is versatile, stylish, unique and easy to add to your closet. I invite you to be apart of the arts with me by wearing my paintings in your everyday life. Inspire yourself and others!